Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interesting Organization

From their web site...

Parents Across America (PAA) is a grassroots organization that connects parents and activists from across the U.S. to share ideas and work together on improving our nation's public schools. It was founded by a group of activist parents who recognized the need to collaborate for positive change, rather than remain solely entrenched in separate battles in our local communities. Since the top-down forces that are imposing their will on our schools have become national in scope, we need to be as well.
We advocate for proven, progressive measures such as reducing class size and increasing parent involvement, and oppose corporate-style efforts to privatize our schools.

So grassroots that you cannot contact them from their web site, save to donate or sign up to receive their newsletter. Makes you wonder if collaboration for positive change involves more top-down leadership...just from a different top.

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