Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm liberated

Part of Puyallup school district's new commitment to standards-based grading includes this:

No more penalizing students with reduced marks for work that's turned in late.

I'm sure the Ed. School professors who dream up these things happily tell their deans and tenure committees that there really isn't or can't be a deadline for submitting tenure review materials.  Or how about grant applications and funding follow-up reports.  As long as the professors turn the material in at some point, the granting agency will be fine with that.

And I'm sure that the administrative types who sign on to such plans don't penalize their assorted staff members for any tardiness in their work--say, administering the MSP.?

As for my part, I'm going to tell OSPI that the work for my upgraded teacher certification requirements may come in a bit later than they expect.

And I've notified a few other folks about my new plan for liberation through tardiness.

To the IRS, don't get hung up on that whole April 15th thing.
To my mortgage company, the check's in the mail...soon.
My wife's birthday...well, let's not go too far.


sandy said...

a fine point--the last one, that is! : ) !

Mat Baillargeon said...

More than anything, schools should be providing students with the skills necessary for the real world. Jobs require deadlines! Excellent point and I'm scared that some people still don't understand the ramifications.