Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TNT Letter?

I submitted the following to The News Tribune on Sunday, but so far they have not posted it.

The Tacoma school district is in disarray--broken trust abroad in the community, a board that alternates between abdicating authority during the strike to brazen assertions of power to jerry-rig the Superintendent selection process, and more.  In this election we have a chance to say something about this, and the best mechanism for doing so is a vote for Scott Heinze.  
Mr. Heinze knows the issues, understands the policy process, works well with and in the community, and attends to financial realities.  More importantly, he listens--you can have a real conversation with him in which he’ll engage you and respond to what you say and think.  
As a school board candidate last summer, I heard all the candidates many times and in various settings.  Of the four remaining candidates, Mr. Heinze has consistently maintained a sharp focus on the important issues before the school district.   He is not flamboyant, but he is what we need--knowledgable, reliable and committed to the success of our schools.

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