Friday, October 7, 2011

Tacoma comes up with another dubious plan

The school board in Tacoma is considering a plan to...well, read it here.

I think this is a very problematic idea, not because of the individuals involved but because of the organizational realities of such things. 

Interim, Elect (interim), what does all that mean?  Is it a probationary period?  What kind of expectations does everybody have?  What expectations will develop?  

Patterns tend to get set, so in 18 months she's "in place" or we need to remove and replace, which becomes another political brawl because she's entrenched with allies.

Is this a back door way to get her the job?  And why in the world is the district paying Jarvis a fat salary to go grease the way to a lobbying career?

Why does it seem like 2 board members (Dugan and Golding are lame ducks, Winskill seems absent) are driving this so hard right now?

The personal, personnel and organizational tangle that such things create primarily promise to project the staffing/appointment process into the future.  

Organizationally, this seems like a dubious plan that generates a lot more questions than clarity.


jeffey60 said...

Dr. Milton is spot on concerning the bigotry of low expectations in the Tacoma educational system.

jeffey60 said...

Dr. Milton is absolutely correct concerning the bigotry of low expectations in the Tacoma School district.

jeffey60 said...

With the corrupt system in place in Tacoma, is reform even possible? It's not going to change until voters in the community become better informed, but that's a double edged sword as well.