Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New model for school?

I wonder what all the Ed. Reformers will say about Shanghai's success.  I hear that our governor (not an Ed. Reformer) is proposing to close some of the budget gap by cutting 5 school days.  I'm sure that if we just find the right curriculum and do enough things on the top of Bloom's Taxonomy and align our EALRs appropriately and  do 'what works' and emphasize Marzano's 9 high-yield strategies and all that, then we'll be able to close the gap between our now 175 6-hour days and Shanghai's 12-hour days.

If we have to cut school days, let's at least do something sensible.  Close every third Wednesday--don't lengthen the weekend and make the first day back all that much less productive.  That's about 12 days, so add a week --or 4 days on the end and 3 on the beginning?--so that we cut a little bit into that summer drop-off problem.

Try to find some way to make something good out of this bad situation.

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