Friday, March 30, 2012

More Data, Please

Imagine my vexation when one moment I read in The News Tribune that, according to a survey by the University of Washington, Washington schools have not done too well with their federal turnaround money then turn around and read that a Center for Education Policy report says that most schools across the country have made gains with their turnaround money.
On the one hand, WA State Superintendent Dorn says he’s going to wait for the “actual data” before judging in Washington.
On the other hand, Secretary of Education Duncan observes that the nation's lowest-performing schools appear to be showing preliminary promise, according to student-achievement data.  But it’s too early to draw hard and fast conclusions from only one year of data.
More data is the only answer.  I’m sure it’ll all be clear next year...when we get the school district data.

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