Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thought Experiment

I wonder, has an adult ever had wallet, purse, or just money stolen by a student at school?

I ask because adults are allowed to carry these items to school; these are items of great importance, which adults are motivated to protect and even take measures to secure; but they are items sometimes forgotten, neglected, improperly cared for; and, consequently, they sometimes find themselves stolen by students.

I am, of course, analogizing to guns.  I think it's foolish of us to assume that somehow an adult gun would be secure and safe at all times in a school.  I know of responsible gun owners who have made small, honest oversights (mind you, nothing happened in these occasional instances) so I cannot pretend it would never happen at school.

But should it happen at school, and a kid got the gun, and somebody got shot....

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