Monday, March 17, 2014

Is sarcasm the last refuge of scoundrelly reading teachers?

One of the new emphases in the Common Core State Standards is close reading of the text in order to be sure to get the author's meaning.  This is going to be tested by calling on students to identify meaning accurately, and find the place in the text that substantiates that meaning.  The material of the text is the only place where students can find meanings and the supporting evidence.

This passage is from one of the Corrective Reading books (a time-tested reading remediation program by Siegfried Engelman, University of Oregon).  Read the paragraph starting with "All right...." and then try to answer the question.

I'm vexed and befuddled.  The text says the spy chaser didn't want the "mustard jar" (a strangely anthropomorphized condiment bottle) to waste mustard.  What's a remediation teacher to do?

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