Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Conference Week

It's that week again.  5 half-days, with student-led conferences in the afternoons.  This is one of those rituals we have to do each year.  Let me wax a little vexed....Students who are doing well, don't really need the conference, and students who are doing poorly won't change much from having one.

The idea is that students will think about goals, grades, future trajectories, etc.  Sounds good, and, in theory, it is good.  But reality isn't as good as theory.  Students who take it seriously do so because they take everything (or, at least most of the right things) seriously.  And the students who don't take it seriously don't take nearly enough of the right things seriously.  Adding this conference to that roster of activities isn't going to do much about that....But it is going to allow us to say we've done what we needed to do to help those students succeed.  It's another piece of evidence to add to the pile that says we've provided opportunities for a student to get an education.

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