Monday, December 1, 2014

Junior Achievement Poetry

Today, we played something called the Savvy Shopper game as part of our preparation for doing the personal finance simulation at Junior Achievement.  I handed out word magnets (for making refrigerator poetry) as game pieces.  Each group's words make up one line of the poem.  Word order within the line, and line order is up to me, the "poet."  Herewith, Savvy Shopper Poetry!

Version 1 
Purple Winter Evening, Erase Blossom
Water Spring Garden
Mushroom, Then Skin

Whisper, “Investigate Smile?!”

Version 2
Skin, then mushroom
Evening Blossom Erase Purple Winter
Garden Spring Water
Investigate Whisper Smile

Leave yellow happy side
Cloud soon beneath,
Birch dawn autumn song--
“Rise, cold grass!”

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