Friday, July 8, 2011

My Principles on Principals

Students and teachers alike know how important a school principal is.  The principal sets the tone of the school by establishing the climate and culture of the community that “lives” in the building.  

A good principal will shape school goals for student performance by setting good--high but reasonable, useful and challenging--academic and social expectations.  A good principal then knows when and how to challenge, guide, encourage, coach and mentor staff members to support students in meeting these goals.

A good principal establishes a culture of rigor and success, and sets an example of hard work.  This creates a climate conducive to the work--by both staff and students-- necessary for students to thrive.

In short, a good principal is a servant leader to the staff, supporting them to be servant leaders to students and their families.

Tacoma schools need great principals.  

As a board member, I would support a thorough and rigorous process to find the best principals possible.  I would also support the success of current principals by maintaining the highest level of on-going training, evaluation and support. 

Principals, school staff, the community, students and families working together will make Tacoma schools great.

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