Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teacher World vs. Real World?

I read and hear a lot (about the strike in Tacoma) along the lines of 'Why do teachers think they should be able to be in charge of where they work?  That's not how it is in the business world.'

Seems like something of a shibboleth, if you ask me.

First of all, schools do have an amount of the 'you go where we tell you.'  It's just the most recently hired teachers who suffer that the most.  After the first days of school, when student counts become accurate and reliable, shifting takes place.  Since Tacoma's student numbers can shift significantly--especially downward, that can mean a lot of teacher movement. 

Second of all, the business world has its norms and customs.  Employees may not have the binding authority of a contract to back them up, but there are various cultural and company expectations about reassignment.  And if you're high enough in a business firm, you may well get all kinds of perks as a payoff for your reassignment. 

I'm worn out of the idealization of business and demonization of government, and vice versa.  Neither one is as good [or bad] as their proponents [or opponents] say, so let's be fair about our comparisons.

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