Saturday, September 24, 2011

THAT rebuilds trust!

The News Tribune reports that the Tacoma School District is doing some creative math with the teachers' pay.  The administration is saying that teachers will be paid for days worked in the last period.  And then they'll correct the difference in the next period.  Not exactly a trust-rebuilding act.  Doesn't make sense--to me, either.

Since teachers get paid in 24 installments throughout the year, why is it ever about the days they work in that pay period?  They won't work any in the latter part of December, but they still get paid.  

They'll still be working those days that they were striking...just at a different time.  If they're only paid for the days worked in this latest pay period, it's as if the strike days don't when Pope Gregory skipped over those 10 days in 1582.

Now, if they agreed not make up the strike days, then teachers would need to take less pay.  But they're going to work the same number of days as a non-strike year, so they should get the regular 24 pay installments.

Bitterness at (or delight in) one side or the other doesn't grant license to change (violate?) the rules.

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