Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time and Place

So, blogging about students can be tricky....

My colleagues and I often tell students who are being a bit too cute or funny or silly, "time and place." There's a time and place for's not now and here, but there is a time and place for that.

Have I ever complained to colleagues about students? Yes. It's commiseration that helps you stay sane.

But there's another sort of odd thing going on, for me. I sometimes 'complain' to my colleagues in order to check or monitor my own conduct. Sometimes it's like a strange confessional process.

"Can you believe Billy did....?"
"So I told him...."

And there's a little bit of trying to commiserate with a colleague in order to gauge how close I am to being out of bounds.

There is some guilt mitigation going on, because sometimes my frustrations take hold of me, like when....Oh forget it. I couldn't describe it. You should just come to my room for a day.

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Sandy said...

okay...when do i get to go?