Friday, February 18, 2011

Tiresome to the left and right

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation (or whatever it's now called) is an organization that follows WA state politics, including education.
They rank schools. Here's my school's ranking.

2008-09 Rank71/431
Rank in the most recent 5 years105/382
Fraser Institute Ranking
School Information
Low Income (%)15.7
Ethnicity (%)Wh: 58.2 As: 12.1
Tests not written not exempt (%)0.3
Academic Performance20052006200720082009Trend
Avg level: Reading3. up
Avg level: Writing2. up
Avg level: Math2. up
Avg level: Science2. up
Tests below standard (%)39.839.734.430.326.6Trend up
Low income gap: Readingn/an/an/aN 0.5N 0.6n/a
Low income gap: Mathn/an/an/aN 0.7N 0.7n/a
Overall rating out of up

Those 2 and 3 scores are on a 4-point scale. 3 and 4 are at and above standard.
The score they list is the average for that whole grade level.

Nice, too, that they tell how many tests were failed in the year.

Most of my colleagues don't like EFF. They're a conservative group that thinks school teachers get paid too much and accomplish too little, so the thinking goes.

I'm more bothered that they simply offer up the same kind of material (data, I guess it is) as anybody else.

Won't anybody with any policy weight discuss this any differently?

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