Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll was the rock star pastor of the megachurch Mars Hill, in Seattle, until he--and then the church--unraveled in accusation and recrimination.  He's power hungry, some said.  He has anger problems, others claimed.  Plenty came to see him as something of a megalomaniac with control issues.  The leadership tried to rein him in, but he seemed to prefer to reign (or so it appeared).  So he left, and the church imploded, cutting all the remote campuses loose to do whatever they could/would.  
So last fall one of my Pierce students saw that Francis Fukuyama's arguments about how the awkward realities of personality-based organizations (states or churches, apparently) can lead to organizational (and "political") decay as helpful in understanding the spectacular collapse of Driscoll and Mars Hill.

When presenting, he said it simply enough.  

Something like this, You had to get on the bus...the bus he created and was driving.  But he lost his way and the bus broke down.  And now he's left alone, with a broken down bus.

I like that it appears to be out back, behind the building.  It's a kind of concrete metaphoric rendering of the situation...and I like the way it works.

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