Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lord of the Flies Art

I have said a variety of things about Lord of the Flies in the last couple years.  I lamented that standardized testing doesn't motivate us to capture some of the things that are really interesting about the book.  Likewise, here.  And here, some of the fun of the Chief-led class.

But today, some art, in the voice--as it were--of a student.  Both of these are by the same artist, and both are quite interesting and effective.

I like that we can't see faces, but can discern that the boys are mesmerized by something.  Is it the sun?  Or the hint of the "beast" barely concealed in the bushes?

The backs--rather than fronts--of heads characterize this piece, too.  I can't figure out why I like this piece so much, but I do.

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