Friday, February 10, 2017

If Donald Trump were a...

...character from Lord of the Flies, which would he be?

We--my 8th graders and I--are in the middle of the novel.  In case you forget (or haven't read it), a group of English schoolboys, ages 6-13ish, are stuck alone on an island...without any adults.  They elect Ralph as Chief, though nobody is quite sure why.  Piggy is the most sensible, but he's ostracized by the others because he's overweight.  Jack is the natural leader, but he's also overbearing...pushing for the authority he thinks is rightly his to have.  Simon seems weird (see below) because he's a sensitive introvert.

So, part way through (in the midst of chapter 6, if you know the novel that well), we talked about authority and character, and I asked for some thoughts on various aspects of governance.  One thing I asked was, which character most seems like President Trump and why.

Here are the answers (from those who gave them) of my 8th graders....

President Trump is like…
Jack, because he
Piggy, because he
Ralph, because he
Simon, because
·   only does what wants
·   is bad
·   may have some good ideas but he is somewhat stubborn and not the best listener
·   says what he wants to do
·   doesn’t care about other peoples’ opinions
·   makes decisions without really thinking about the consequences
·   is ambitious
·   isn’t very accepting or open-minded
·   is talking smack about everyone, with no fear
·   makes courageous and dangerous decisions, and will end terribly
·   biased
·   hard-headed and does everything his way
·   power hungry, rude and unethical
·   makes bold statements and doesn’t care what other people think
·   is demanding and does what he wants
·   does what he wants
·   he has to be in control of everything and blames others when he’s at fault
·   wants whatever whenever
·   has a huge ego
·   wants his way
·   likes to control people
·   is clear about what he wants
·   thinks he’s a better leader than he might actually be
·   he doesn’t listen
·   he wants to have power
·   he doesn’t care what he says as long as he gets to be in charge
·   he’s brash and aggressive
·   he doesn’t have a filter and he’s very argumentative
·   he’s confident and says what he wants
·   he’s demanding
·   he’s got a one-track mind (business) and he always disputes people
·   he’s selfish and demanding
·   he alienates people
·   he’s brash and headstrong
·   he is controlling
·   he does what he wants
·   he needs to make himself important
·   he gets savage toward those who disagree with him
·   he’s self-centered
·   he actually takes charge
·   he’s rash
·   he can be mean
·   he bullies

·   has good ideas but nobody sees it
·   is smart and an out of the box thinker
·   is trying to help; trying to control
·   can help
·   follows the rules and tries to make things right
·   thinks outside the box (and they both probably got beaten up at school)

·   Is a know-it-all and people are beginning to rebel
·   makes decisions and backs them up with evidence
·   smart, but demanding
·   is trying to maintain order but people keep ruining it
·   is trying to keep everything in order
·   is trying to maintain order
·   is the leader…and he’s demanding
·   has no idea what he’s doing
·   doesn’t know what he’s doing
·   thinks he’s the only who can be a leader
·   is demanding and straight up
·   is mean and influential
·   wants a lot of attention on himself
·   is not knowing what to do
·   doesn’t know what he’s doing
           They’re both weird in some way

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